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12/23/13 A Financial Checklist You Can Handle With the beginning of 2014 upon us, we've created a month-by-month checklist of some key financial tasks to consider throughout the year.
11/25/13 Tips and Tricks for Smart Holiday Shopping Thoughts of crowded parking lots and long lines can be daunting. Ease the stress of holiday shopping with these smart strategies.
10/28/13 Tips for Managing Your Finances After a Divorce Although settling into a new financial life takes time after a divorce, there are steps you can take today to help ensure a secure future.
09/30/13 What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform Big changes are under way in the health care industry. These are the facts behind some common myths about health care reform.
08/26/13 How to Handle a Financial Windfall If you find yourself on the receiving end of a windfall, following the advice outlined here will help you make the most of your good fortune.
07/24/13 Curbing the Costs of Health Care Health care expenses are a major concern for people of all ages, from retirees to recent grads.
06/25/13 The "Magic Age": What You Need to Know About Social Security Claiming Strategies Choosing the right social security claiming strategy can help you and your spouse maximize your benefits.
05/28/13 Avoiding Inheritance Conflict in Your Family Even in the most close-knit families, an inheritance can cause a feud if the deceased hasn't left a detailed plan.
04/30/13 Getting on the Right Financial Track After Graduation According to the Project on Student Debt, an initiative sponsored by the Institute for College Access & Success, graduating seniors carried an average of more than $26,000 in student loans in 2011.
03/25/13 Preparing for Medicare Enrollment To help ensure that you make the best Medicare choices, here are some steps to take before you turn 65.
02/26/13 Buyer Beware: Tips for Safe Online Shopping While cyber shopping can be a convenient way to find bargains, it's important to protect your identity and financial information.
01/28/13 Tax Filing Tips for 2012 Taxes The New Year has brought with it new tax legislation. Some of the changes will affect your 2012 taxes, while others won't kick in until tax years 2013 through 2017.
12/27/12 Improving Your Financial Health in 2013 For months, the media has focused on the fiscal cliff. But that discussion shouldn't overshadow positive developments in the U.S., nor should it stop you from making improvements to your financial health in 2013.
11/26/12 Baby Boomers on the Move: What to Consider If You Are Planning to Relocate Like many other baby boomers, with your kids out of the house and a surplus of empty space and time, you may have thought about moving. If you are considering relocation, you'll want to read this list of tips.
10/30/12 Avoiding a Personal Financial Filibuster Is the current political race getting in the way of your financial plan? Depending on the way the data is manipulated...
09/28/12 Tips for Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Whether you're looking for the hottest new toy or just want to save money on your monthly bill, there are plenty of ways to trim the overall cost of your cell phone.
08/30/12 The Light at the End of the Tunnel As we look at the trajectory of the U.S. economic recovery, once again this year we see a light at the end of the tunnel and wonder if it is an oncoming train. At this point, it looks as if 2012 may bring the start of sustainable growth.
07/30/12 Organizing Your Finances: Before and After a Personal Loss The death of a spouse or life partner is one of the toughest events you can go through. Along with the emotional adjustment of continuing on without your best friend, there is additional stress involved...
07/02/12 Encore Careers: Becoming Your Own Boss These days, retiring from one career doesn't necessarily mean quitting work altogether. In fact, entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s have launched more new businesses over the past decade than any other demographic.
05/29/12 Preparing for the Return of a Boomerang Kid Is your recent college graduate or adult child moving back in with you? It's far from an uncommon scenario these days.
05/02/12 Reducing Your Fuel Costs in the Summer Months Before the summer travel season begins, be prepared for what to expect when filling up at the pump and consider how you can save on fuel costs.
03/26/12 Protecting Your Elderly Family Members from Scams As the number of aging Americans continues to grow, more and more scams are targeting people 60 and older, who are often perceived as more trusting and polite.
03/01/12 Work Hard, Invest Wisely...Retire Early? Putting the American Dream Back Within Reach Many people dream of retiring early, but few are able to make that dream a reality thanks, in part, to costs associated with health insurance coverage.
01/23/12 The ABCs of Finance: Tips and Tools for Raising a Smart Investor By introducing sound financial habits at an early age, you'll give your child a head start on the path to becoming an informed investor.
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